Last night, Buncombe voters rejected the politics of fear and division. Our candidates presented a positive vision for what our community needs, and voters all across the county agreed – Democrats should lead the way.

Congratulations to our new Sheriff, Quentin Miller, and our next District 2 Commissioner, Amanda Edwards.

Thank you to everyone who helped send Susan Fisher, John Ager, Brian Turner, and Terry Van Duyn back to Raleigh to represent us. They will have a lot of new friends as Democrats broke the supermajority in both the House and Senate, giving Governor Cooper veto power.

All our statewide Judicial candidates, Anita Earls, John Arrowood, Allegra Collins, and Toby Hampson, won important seats on our courts. Democrats William Hamilton and Aaron Sarver won seats in a crowded Soil and Water race.

Congratulations as well to County Commissioner Al Whitesides, Clerk of Superior Court Steve Cogburn, District Attorney Todd Williams, School Board of Education Members Max Queen, Pat Bryant, and Cindy McMahon, who all ran unopposed. Our local judiciary was also unopposed, with Judges Marvin Pope and Alan Thornburg returning to the Superior Court, and Judges Ward Scott, Julie Kepple, Patricia Young, Susan Dotson-Smith, and Ed Clontz returning to District Court.

We’re proud of the campaigns Donna Ensley and Norm Bossert ran in two tough districts. Phillip Price and David Wilson Brown ran great campaigns despite illegal gerrymandering.

While some of the amendments passed at the state level, Buncombe overwhelmingly voted against all six.

Your hard work made this happen. Everything we did at the county level was grassroots democracy in action. All the doors you knocked, all the calls you made, all the effort you put into poll greeting and organizing your precincts.

Soon, we’ll start organizing to prepare for 2020, and we’ll need all your help to keep this momentum going. But for now, enjoy our shared success and be proud to be a Buncombe Democrat.

Jeff Rose, Chair, Buncombe County Democratic Party