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What are Precinct Meetings?

Every year, each precinct across the state meets at least once – but in Buncombe County, we tend to meet a lot more.

In odd-numbered years, each precinct with at least five registered Democrats in attendance will have a quorum – enough people to form a precinct committee.  Members of each precinct with five members will elect precinct officers, as well as select delegates to represent the precinct at the county convention.  

In even-numbered years, precincts meet to fill open vacancies, discuss resolutions, and plan how to get out the vote in their neighborhoods in the coming election.

These precinct meetings are a great opportunity to see grassroots organizing in action, and participate in strengthening the democratic party.  Joining your neighbors at the annual meeting will help the party grow and connect you with others working to create a community for everyone. 

How to Prepare

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your precinct meeting:

Know Your Precinct Number

Not sure what your precinct is? Use this tool from the North Carolina State Board of Elections to look up your precinct number.

Find Your Precinct Meeting

Use the list below to find where your meeting is this year.

Write a Resolution

Have an issue you want the county to look into? Want to see a change in the County or State Party? You can write a resolution and bring it to your precinct meeting. If your precinct passes it, your resolution will be considered at the County Convention in March.

Visit our Resolutions page for information about how to structure a resolution, to see what has been passed in previous years, and to view the NCDP Platform.

Bring a Friend

Know a Democrat in your neighborhood? Have an unaffiliated friend who votes Democratic and wants to get more involved? Bring them with you to the meeting so they can see how our local party works and meet more like-minded folks.

2019 Precinct Meeting Locations