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Volunteer With Us!

Volunteers like you are at the core of the Buncombe Democratic Party.

There are many, many ways you can connect with the party – from canvassing your neighborhood, making phone calls to fellow voters, organizing with friends, driving voters to the polls, or just attending events and lending your thoughts!

Specific Volunteer Needs

We’re currently looking for additional help with our media and communications team. Check out our specific needs below. If writing, social media, photography, or other forms of digital or print media are something you’re great with, email BCDP Chair Jeff Rose at jeff@buncombedems.org!

Website Management

Assist in updating, maintaining, and design work for BCDP’s active WordPress website. Work with communications team to help get content on the website. Assist with technical problems on the website.

Requirements: Some experience with WordPress blog platform.
Estimated time commitment: 6 hours per month.

Social Media Content

Work with Communications Team to deploy content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on an agreed-upon schedule. Work with other Social Media volunteers to craft consistent content and post to social media on a regular basis. Keep county party Facebook up to date with events and promote upcoming events on an agreed-upon schedule. Identify other social media opportunities for BCDP and present to communications team.

Volunteers in this category may focus on only one social media network or platform, but must be able to work in collaboration with the rest of the team.

Requirements: Experience using Facebook pages for business, Instagram, and Twitter. Experience with Hootsuite/Buffer would also be helpful but not required.
Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per week.

Media Relations

Help build and maintain the BCDP media contact list. Monitor newspaper, radio, and TV to identify journalists and media outlets covering Democratic issues. Distribute press releases/media alerts to media outlets and assist in follow-up with outlets, in cooperation with county communications team.

Requirements: Familiarity with local media.
Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per week.

Graphic Design

Work with BCDP to help develop graphics for social media, flyers, print media, advertising, and other items as needed. Help style content for BCDP website, work with NCDP graphics, and produce a consistent visual theme across BCDP communications.

Requirements: Experience with graphic design for non-profits or businesses.
Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per week, 8 hours per week closer to elections.


Attend targeted events happening around Buncombe County to take pictures for web, print, and social media. Work with communications committee to document and quickly share photos of events so they can be used in other media. Help document candidate events (post-primary) and principle events in the county.

Requirements: Access to semi-professional digital camera, experience working with events, photo editing and digital upload/sharing.
Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per month, more closer to elections.

Video and Streaming

Work with BCDP and other groups to help document events on video, live stream through Facebook Live and/or Periscope. Help document candidate forums and work with other members of the communications team to make them available online and on social media. Assist candidates and BCDP in producing video ads/pieces for web or TV.

Requirements: Access to videography equipment capable of live streaming and recording professional video pieces for web/TV. Experience producing and sharing video content across platforms.
Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per month, more closer to elections.

Research and Data

Work with appropriate BCDP team members to research and determine target audience segments, understand specific target segments’ voter behavior, relevant consumer behavior (particularly media preferences), as well as demographic and geographic segmentation that affect voter behavior. Assist other members of the communications team in measuring the impact of communications through the BCDP. Work with data to learn how members of the Buncombe community could be more effectively reached by BCDP messaging. Produce research on reach of various forms of media around the county (print, mailing, radio, tv, social, etc). Prepare regular reports to update communications chair on impact of efforts.

Requirements: Attention to detail, digital agility, some experience with advertising, marketing or database management would help.
Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per month.

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